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                                   INVESTIGATION OF ELECTROMAGNETIC AND THERMAL FIELDS                                          IN NEAR CONTACT WAVEGUIDE APPLICATOR


Novruzov Ilya Igorevich, Postgraduate student, Saratov State Technical University,
Komarov Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich, Doctor of engineering sciences, professor, sub-department of radio engineering, Saratov State Technical University, 

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The article considers a design of contact type waveguide applicator for microwave therapy of tumor. The authors have developed a mathematical model of the applicator with a focusing lens, an auxiliary absorbing component and adjacent double layered biological media. Coupled electromagnetic and heat conduction problem is solved using the finite element method. The article adduces the results of numerical analysis of thermal fields in the interaction domain for various operating regimes of the given device. 

Key words

electromagnetic field, biological tissue, temperature, numerical modeling.

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